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Deer Antlers

Deer Antlers

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Deer Antlers are a perfect long lasting treat for dogs of all sizes- especially those who love nothing more then to chew!

They are packed with vitamins, minerals and very low in calories. Antlers have minimal odour and mess making them an ideal treat for an inside or outside the house chew.

All of our antlers are sourced ethically from Australian Farms. Deer shed their antlers once a year meaning these treats are 100% natural and sustainable.

Chewing not only promotes improved dental health but also acts as a natural form of enrichment by producing happy endorphins therefore potentially assisting in any anxiety or boredom your pooch may be experiencing. 

Sizes and Weights- 
XS: Under 50g- Ideal for dogs 5kg and under
S: Between 50g & 100g- Ideal for dogs up to 10kg
M: Between 100g & 150g- Ideal for dogs up to 15kg
L: Between 150g & 200g- Ideal for dogs up to 20kg
XL: Between 200g & 250g- Ideal for dogs up to 25kg
XXL: Over 250g- Ideal for dogs above 25kg and XTREME power chewers

If your dog is a strong chewer we suggest sizing up to ensure your dog gets the most out of their chew. 

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