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Antinol Rapid

Antinol Rapid

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Antinol® Rapid is a super potent anti-inflammatory blend of two marine lipid concentrates chosen for their unique nutrient synergy - supporting the joint health and wellness of pets. Together, the powerful and effective blend is called EAB-277™ or Enhanced Animal blend.

The active ingredient in this advanced formulation is EAB-277™ , a blend of New Zealand green lipped mussel oil and high phospholipid krill oil. Both of the marine lipids are potent anti-inflammatories. In addition, the Krill oil helps the pet's body to absorb the nutrients efficiently, resulting in greater efficacy. This makes Antinol® Rapid an even more effective joint and mobility supplement. It contains more than 90 free fatty acids that are complete with omega-3s, including DHA, EPA and ETA.

The amount of Antinol® Rapid you give will depend on the weight of the dog and the severity of their symptoms. Load or double the daily recommendation for the first 2 weeks or if recommencing after a break of 5 days.



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